Garden Ideas, grow your own veg & chillies from seed.

Grow Chillies from seed

Our website is a seed merchant's dream as we are affiliated to some of them in the UK, and we point that out on pages where we have links to them.


Growing sweet peppers started off as a hobby in a very minor way, but like Topsy this hobby grew into something far bigger. Reading every publication known to man provided me with enough knowledge to be able to write about both hot chillies and sweet chillies (or chilli peppers) as some people call them.


So, as more and more people want to grow their own, supplying sweet chilli pepper seeds is becoming more popular, as is the market for growing hot chillies from seed in a far larger way.


As our Domain name suggests, we have a certain interest in garden ideas, starting with front garden ideas so if you have any then please mail them in to and we will try to add them to our pages.


We have a small section covering pests and diseases starting with carrot root fly prevention, aphids and suchlike.


The main section to date is Grow your own vegetables and this will prove to be massive by the time this site is finished. At present there we have no section for flowers because my interest is only for growing veg and associated, edible things.

Broad bean seed varieties and varieties of Broccoli and beetroot are as popular as most things, as are all   varieties of Brussels Sprouts in winter.