Garden Ideas

Our family has always lived in Derbyshire, and whilst it can hardly be called the Garden of England we can and do have some seriously good private and public gardens in the county.

So what is this website all about? Well first of all it started out as a site for garden ideas, yours, mine, for anyone who wanted to show what they have achieved with their garden.


So you can send in photos which we will gladly add to the site, and it would be helpful if you were able to send some text too please as search engines do not "see" images, only text.


Last Autumn  I wrote a page for the site about Basalt Rockdust and how it has been hailed as the best thing ever to re-energise a garden by putting back all the trace elements which have leached out of the soil in previous years, and very shortly I will be able to give you the results, though today (late May 2016) things are not looking good!

In fact (Jan 2017) you may like to take a look at our results which I have to admit are not strictly scientific results but the results as we saw them over a growing season.

Garden ideas need not cost much in financial terms, Budget Gardening we call it, so you can use any odd shaped pieces of wood, an old chimney pot or some item which has been broken but which you can make into something eye catching - anything like that will enhance your garden if you have the idea and a little time.


We also have a growing section dealing with chillies and growing chillies from the mildest to the hottest. This is something which we have found to be very popular even if it is only something to talk about in the pub! Seriously though, interest in both eating and growing chillies is gowing from strength to strength, and we are pleased to note that eating chillies on a regular basis is extremely good for you. Chocolate Norfolk Naga


Finally, this is a page about us and you can contact us by email should you have some photos to send in.


Home grown St George runner beans

The 2016 season was rather mixed for us in terms of vegetable growing. I planted 50 St George runner bean plants in May - a type which the seed companies all say is the heaviest cropping seed, and they most certainly were! I have never, ever achieved a crop averaging nearly 9 lbs per plant before in all the years I've grown beans.


To counter that success our onion crop was dismal to say the least and I have no answer to finding out what went wrong.